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Steelage: an innovative Service Provider

Steelage is a provider of on-site industrial services to the steel industry. It is a subsidiary of the TSR Group (, a multi-national trader and processor of raw materials for steel and metal industries with an annual turnover in excess of 3 Billion Euro.


Safety: our first priority

Operating inside an industrial environment which can be hazardous, the safety of our staff and the staff of our clients is our absolute first priority. We strongly feel that safety is an integral part of good management and cannot be compromised for economic reasons. 




01. 09. 2013 | ArcelorMittal awards Steelage long-term service contract

Steelage has been awarded a long-term service agreement with ArcelorMittal Ostrava (Czech Republic). Under the agreement, ArcelorMittal Ostrava will outsource its complete...

01. 05. 2013 | Steelage commences services at US Steel Košice

Steelage has commenced its services at US Steel Košice. Under the agreement with US Steel, Steelage will be responsible for processing and valorizing steelmaking by-products which...

10. 10. 2012 | Steelage achieves full ISO certification

On 01.10.2012 the certifying company TŰV SŰD issued the ISO certification of Steelage Slovakia according to the ISO 9001 (quality) and 18001 (safety) norms. The...

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