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Safety: our first priority

Operating inside an industrial environment which can be hazardous, the safety of our staff and the staff of our clients is our absolute first priority. We strongly feel that safety is an integral part of good management and cannot be compromised for economic reasons. 
We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility in the company. Therefore we invest in training for all employees and stimulate a culture of sharing best practices and preventing injuries and accidents. Similarly, we operate a strict zero-tolerance policy for non-conformance to our safety standards. All Steelage Sites have a dedicated safety officer responsible for implementing and maintaining group wide safety policies. In addition, regular safety audits are performed by external auditors.
In providing our services, we use equipment fitted with enhanced safety features for an optimal performance in ahot environment. These include amongst others infra-red cameras, proximity sensors, fire-suppression systems and special hydraulic oil and cooling fluids. We pay special attention to the personal protective equipment of our staff. Garments used are fire-resistant and of the highest quality.

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